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Weekend Color Theory Workshop

In color theory workshops we will cover the basics of color theory: the color wheel, complementary colors, color saturation, building a palette, color mixing, the history of color theory and how the eye sees color. The Color Theory Workshop is a prerequisite for oil painting, or can be taken as a refresher or just for fun. Please contact for scheduling. Each workshop is $75.

Oil Painting Lessons

Beginners are welcome as well as intermediate and advanced oil painters. We will learn how to build a painting, how to use color, brushwork and composition at your level. Lessons are on Mondays. Color Theory is a prerequisite. Please contact for scheduling. $200/month in advance of the month.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are two hours per week. They are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Private lessons are tailored to your needs and any medium may be used. Please contact for scheduling. $75/lesson.

Summer Drawing Lessons

Group drawing lessons are six weeks. We will learn linear perspective, sighting and vectoring, and shading. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to take drawing if you want to take painting lessons. Drawing lessons may be used as a way to brush up on your drawing skills. Please contact for scheduling. $300/six weeks.

Plein Air Painting Workshops

We will go out into nature and paint what we see. These are weekend workshops that may be taken repeatedly. We will use oil paint and a palette knife. Color Theory Workshop is a prerequisite. Please contact for scheduling. $150/workshop.

About Kristina

Kristina Lenzi is a multimedia and performance artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

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